David I Tafler

David I Tafler


"Documentary in the Digital Domain: the end of criticality"
i-Docs 2018 Conference
Bristol, England, March 2018

"Human Agency / media effects: Mobilizing somatic documentary filmmaking to address climate change"
Visible Evidence 2017 Conference
Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 2017

"DESERTS: crossroads of natural-cultural-virtual environments during Climate Changes"
Balance - Unbalance 2015 Conference
Phoenix, Arizona, March 2015

"Walking Places along the Virtual Frontier"
The Fourteenth Biennial Symposium on Arts and Technology
The Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology
Connecticut College, New London, Connecticut, February 27 - March 1, 2014

Workshop Presentation
"The Work of Electronic Production in the Age of Social Media"
Union for Democratic Communication, San Francisco, CA, November 2013.

"Techno / Natural Interfacing: walking and mapping in the age of climate change"
International Symposium of Electronic Art (ISEA) 2013
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, June 2013.

"World-Wide-Walks: Global coastlines in the age of climate change"
Balance-Unbalance 2013 Conference
Noosa, Queensland, Australia, May 2013.

"World-Wide-Walks / beneath earth & sky / Dun na nGall"
The Lovely Weather Project Conference
Leitircaenin, Dun na nGall, Ireland, November 2010

Workshop Presentations
"Production with an Eye on Social Meaning"
Union for Democratic Communication, Buffalo, NY, May 2009.
Pennsylvania Communication Association, Fogelsville, PA, October 2008.

Workshop Presentation
"Architectures and Designs of Global Media Circulation, 1858-2008"
Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Philadelphia, PA, March 2008.

"Overtaking Diversification in Remote Central Australia: Strategies for Protecting Indigenous Culture from the Emerging Telecommunication Highway." 
The Fifth International Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Communities, Nations Beijing, China, July 2005.

"Techno/Cultural Identities: from Ships to Gigabits"
Second International Conference on Communication and Mass Media
Athens, Greece, May 2004

"The Digital Horizon on the Culture Frontier."
SonicSynergies : Creative Cultures Conference
Univ. of South Australia, Adelaide July, 2003

"Techno/Cultural Consciousness across the digital divides."
CAiiA Consciousness Reframed Conference, Perth, Western Australia.  August, 2002
Media In Transition Conference, MIT, Cambridge, MA. May, 2002

"The Challenge of Mapping Unknown Territories:
New Global Communication in Old Remote Communities."
ICA. San Francisco, CA.  May, 1999.

"Movie Memories and Cybernetic Media: Moving toward an interactive cinematic apparatus."
Creativity and Consumption: New Media Arts in Advanced Technology Culture
Luton, England. March, 1999.

"The Use of Electronic Media in Remote Aboriginal Communities."
Fulbright Symposium: Indigenous Cultures in an Interconnected World.
Darwin, NT, Australia. July, 1997.

"Interactive Television and Virtual Culture: Ruptures, Disruptions, and Transitions."
iTV96.  Edinburgh, Scotland.  September, 1996.

"The empyreal sphere and the fall (from): narrative in the new moving image."  Lecture.
NORDICIL. Helsinki, Finland. August, 1994.

"Meaning without mirrors: Mapping the Margins of Cyberspace."
The Fifth International Symposium on Electronic Art.  Helsinki, Finland.  August, 1994.
Co-chair , Panel: Cyberspace: Configurations of Space, Memory and Language in the Elec. Arts.

"Interactive multi-media" Lecture.  University of Colorado, Boulder. March, 1994.

"The Techno/Cultural Interface: Tracking the boundaries of high-tech and traditional cultures."
TISEA (The Third International Symposium on Electronic Art). Sydney, NSW. November, 1992.

"Improvisation and Spectacle in Rules of the Game."
Villanova Cultural Film Series. Villanova, PA.  November, 1990.

"Whose Language, Whose Tools."
1990 SCAN (Small Computer in the Arts Network) Conference.
Philadelphia, PA.  November, 1990.

"The Absence of Time in The Future of Television."
1990 University Film/Video Association Conference.  Ithaca, N.Y.  June, 1990.

"The Eidetic Vision: Video Art and the Disruption of Continuity in the Age of Computers."
1990 Society for Cinema Studies Conference. Washington, D.C.  May, 1990.

"Systems Artists."
The Collective "l." A Symposium On Self-Representation In The Margins Of Culture.
San Francisco State University; Sonoma State University.  May, 1990.

"Boundaries and Frontiers: An empirical methodology for exploring cinematic intertextuality."
1988 Society for Cinema Studies Conference. Bozeman, Montana.  June, 1988.

"The Economics of Renewal: Video and The Future of Alternative Film Practices."
1985 Society for Cinema Studies Conference. New York, New York.  June, 1985.

"Cinema Event/Spectator Memory."
1985 College Art Association Conference. Los Angeles, California.  February, 1985.

"Raw Cinema and The Great Reservoir of Stabilizing Signs. The Avant-Garde Cinema in Contemporary Media Culture."
1984 Ohio University Film Conference.
Co-chair, Session: Philosophy, Writing, and Film Practices.  April, 1984.

"Temporal Regulation and the Space of the Frame: The Narrative Text and Television."
1984 Society for Cinema Studies Conference. Madison, Wisconsin.  March, 1984.

"Television's Disruption of Traditional Genre Codification (and its impact on film)."
1983 Society for Cinema Studies Conference.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  May, 1983.

"Beyond Suture: Cognitive Activation in the Classical Narrative Cinema."
1982 Society for Cinema Studies Conference.  Los Angeles, California.  June, 1982.

"Performance/Installation as an Interface Between Painting/Sculpture and the Media Arts:
Film and Video."
1982 College Art Association Conference. Co-Chair.  February, 1982.

"Experimental Narrative: A Second Perception."
1981 Society for Cinema Studies Conference.
Session: (Non)Narrative and Experimental Film. New York, New York.  April, 1981.

"Adjacency, Expectation and The Formation of Cinematic Perception."
1980 Ohio University Film Conference.
Chair, Session: Film and Perceptual Theory.  April, 1980.

"The Interpretation of Revision in the Analysis of the Classical Narrative Film."
Purdue University Annual Conference on Film.
Session: Analytical Methodology Theory and Practice.  March, 1979.