David I Tafler

David I Tafler


"Drawing Spirits in the Sand:
Performative Storytelling in the Digital Age."
Religions 10(9)
August, 2019

"The World-Wide-Walks:
Interfacing natural-cultural-virtual identities."
Catalogue: Peter d'Agostino: Paseos a Nivel Planetario / entre la tierra y el cielo / 1973 - 2012
Bilbao, Spain. March, 2012

"World-Wide-Walks / Between Earth & Sky / Dun na nGall."
co-written with
Peter d'Agostino, Deirdre Dowdakin.
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co-written with Peter d'Agostino, International Journal of Art and Technology, Vol 2(4), 2009

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Catalogue Peter d'Agostino:
Interactivity & Intervention 1978-99

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