David I Tafler

David I Tafler



Peter d'Agostino: Crossing Natural-Cultural-Virtual Frontiers

co-edited and co-authored with Peter d'Agostino, Intellect, 2019.

TRANSMISSION: Toward a Post-Television Culture
co-edited with Peter d'Agostino, Sage, 1995.

Chapters in Books:

Social Media Archeology from Theory to Practice
co-edited by Ugur Bakan and Lara Martin Lengel, Macroworld Press, 2021
"The Ephemeral Artifact: Social Media 'Algorithms' Shape a Simulated World."

Moving Targets:
Mapping the paths between communication, technology and social change in communities

co-edited by Jan Servaes and Shuang Liu, Southbound Press, 2007
"Evolution and Survival: Remote indigenous culture on the telecommunication highway."

Communication Impact: Designing Research that Matters
edited by Susanna Hornig Priest, Rowman & Littlefield, 2005
"Stories in the Sand: My Field Research with PY Media in Central Australia."

Television of the Future or the Future of Television?
edited by Jens Jensen, Aalborg University Press, Denmark, 1999
"Interactive Television and Virtual Culture: Ruptures, Disruptions, and Transitions."

Critical Issues in Electronic Media
edited by Simon Penny, SUNY Press, 1995
"The Irresistible Interface: Video's Unknown Forces and Fire-Lit Waves."

Sahkoiho ("Skin Electric")
edited by Erkki Huhtamo and Martti Lahti, Vastapaino, 1994
"Navigating Narrow Corridors: Narrowcasting and Camcorder Activism."